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Combining emotional turmoil, hip hop cadence and soft melodies doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s absolutely synergistic for Los Angeles singer-songwriter Yeek. The 26-year-old’s newest Blackheart EP swings an emotional pendulum between not giving a fuck, and giving too many while mixing synths, brooding vocals and pumping beats.

The 5-song EP kicks off with a wavy, head-bobbing track titled “Love & Fame.” Here, Yeek weaves a funky bass and drum combo into a catchy, yet candid, chorus about growing tired of waiting on love and recognition.

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Liz Phair is back in our hearts once again for the 25th Anniversary of Exile From Guyville and she's playing to a sold-out crowd at Swedish American Hall on Friday, June 1st.

So what makes Liz Phair so special? Well, follow me.