San Francisco’s Deerhoof has managed to change members and instruments enough to call themselves about a dozen different bands. Amazingly, the group has stayed true to its own sound thanks to the uniqueness and creativity of its musicians. There are few, if any, bands that can be confused with the quartet, and now they are starting to see the praise and respect deserving of their efforts come to light.

Do you think that living and playing in San Francisco has had an effect on
your music and growth as a band?

John Dieterich: I'm sure it's had some effect, but I wouldn't know what it is. Maybe too
many good restaurants has screwed up our work ethic? My brain may be
rotting from the humidity, actually.

What is in store for Deerhoof in 2010?

JD: Musical generatives, travel, and hopefully some pond dips.

How do you feel about playing with Yoko Ono Plastic Ono?

JD: Amazing! We are really excited about it. I didn't even realize the show
was confirmed, and my neighbor knocked on my door letting me know that they
had gotten tickets to it. I was so surprised! We're really looking forward
to it, and it will be my first experience at the Fox, as well. I live
nearby but haven't made it to anything there yet, so it should be really